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Volume 1

This two volume set is an exhaustive study on the spiritual discipline of fasting as seen throughout the entire canon of Scripture. Volume 1 presents a biblical theology of fasting. The context and key words of each fast are examined systematically and exegetically to reveal the deeper meaning and relevancy of each fast to the Christian today. Scripture is investigated along with Jewish and Christian history to find the roots of the spiritual discipline of fasting, and how it can be used biblically and practically in a person’s life. He outlines the purpose, physical and spiritual benefits, preparatory and concluding logistics to fasting, the heart of fasting, and addresses common concerns over the practice of fasting.

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Volume 2: Personal Reflections

This two volume collection also features a workbook of Personal Reflections that can help readers unlock spiritual bondage and experience breakthrough in every area of their lives. It will help the reader to walk in freedom and live the life that Jesus Christ offers us by defeating Satan through His life, death, and resurrection.