Grief is a reaction to a major loss. It is most often an unhappy and painful emotion. Sometimes it feels like grieving may never end. Grief should not be prevented because it is a healthy response to loss. Instead, it should be respected. Those who are grieving should have support to help them through the process. 

Door of Hope Counselling Clinic is here to support you.  If you are going through a grieving process, call us or email us today and make an appointment.  Door of Hope Counselling Clinic provides grieving counselling services in a caring environment.

Causes of Grief

People can experience grief if they have an illness for which there is no cure, or a chronic condition that affects their quality of life. The end of a significant relationship may also cause a grieving process.

Everyone feels grief in their own way. However, there are common stages to the process of mourning. It starts with recognizing a loss and continues until a person eventually accepts that loss.

Five Stages of Grief

There can be five stages of grief. These reactions might not occur in a specific order, and can, at times, occur together. Not everyone experiences all of these emotions:

  • Denial, disbelief, numbness
  • Anger, blaming others
  • Bargaining (for instance "If I am cured of this cancer, I will never smoke again.")
  • Depressed mood, sadness, and crying
  • Acceptance, coming to terms

People who are grieving may have crying spells, some trouble sleeping, and lack of productivity at work.

Possible Complications

Grief and loss can affect your overall health. It can lead to depression or excessive alcohol or drug use. Grief that lasts for more than two months and is severe enough to interfere with daily life may be a sign of more serious illness, such as major depression.  Medication may be helpful.

The process of working through grieving is different for everyone, but sometimes people get stuck in grieving and it starts to take over their lives.

Here to Help

Door of Hope Counselling Clinic recognizes and respects your pain. We want to support you on this difficult time in your life. Call or email the Door of Hope Counselling Clinic today. We’re here to help you start your journey of healing.

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